with love

I’m Jenna. I’m an artist. I love to bake. I love being a girl mom. I love making the world a prettier place to live in. 

Just over two years ago, I busted out some ziplock bags, whipped up my first ever batch of royal icing, and went to work recreating a few Christmas cookie “Pinspirations” using my great grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe. I thought they were okay at best, but as it turns out, people began to inquire about where I purchased them. At that moment, I thought I might be onto something - it was the creative outlet I’d been searching for since I left teaching to stay at home with my girls. 

While I deeply desired to be the stay-at-home-mom who came up with educational games, recreated Pinterest holiday crafts, and played with Barbies...I wasn’t. I tried. I needed more. I needed autonomy - for myself and for my girls. 

I’ve always loved to work and to work HARD. I’ve always loved a challenge. To smash it. To make things tenfold better than expectation predicted. 

It’s been a fast-moving, dynamic road to this moment. I have always identified as a teacher, a mother - never as an entrepreneur. I never acknowledged the possibility of a life outside my carefully, self-designed path; imposter syndrome has plagued my growth despite opportunity’s endless callings. 2018 is my year. I am a badass. 

So here I stand, with the best of every world, thanking God for the gifts and people I’ve been blessed with. You CAN be a girl boss, design a beautiful life, and stop to kiss the boo-boos of the mini boss babes of tomorrow. You CAN have it all, mama. 

with Love XO,

Jenna Myers

Owner, Two Dolls Bakery